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becoming sought after & sold out

Without having to jump on every new strategy or platform to get in front of your dream clients.

Without having to use icky sales tactics to hit your revenue goals.

Without *copying & pasting* your message from that person you think is doing well, but it ends up just making you blend into the crowd instead of stand out.

Might seem almost impossible.

YOU can have a message crafted with INTENTION that connects you to the right people and consistently helps you get sought after & sold out without the ick.

Which is where I come in, friend!

But it doesn't have to be that way

And I've been honing my communication skills since 1997 (for real)

I immigrated to the US with my family in 1997 as a young girl, and I very quickly realized that if I wanted to make friends I would need to learn how to communicate so that they understood me.

On the flip side, I didn't want to make friends at the expense of my sense of self. Basically I didn't want to "fit in", I wanted to stay me. This took me on a journey of trying to decipher and understand what makes effective communication that is understood by the person you want to connect with, but also allows you to be yourself.

Now, I get to help my clients do that each and every day, but before that I went on a little detour.

I received my B.S. in Biochemistry & Minor in Neuro Psych. I planned on using these communication skills to help my patients as a doctor. 

Hi, I'm Danait Berhe

You see, I started my first profitable business with employees in the 6th grade, selling custom-made bookmarks to my school friends.

I carried that love of business with me throughout my school years by working my way through the ranks of a few high level companies where I gained over 7 years of experience in communications, marketing, and sales.

I was also using my skills in the marketing world to build websites, helping people launch and market their businesses, and creating brands on the side. 

but, business was always my first love.

However, I quickly realized that the employment world was not for me 

So I opened the doors to my boutique brand and marketing studio, The Asmara Agency, in 2017. My unique blend of experience in analytical research, marketing, sales psychology and communication allowed me to bring fresh perspectives to my clients that consistently get results. 

The rest as they say is history. 

let's work together

can you relate?

I knew that it wasn't attracting my ideal clients and it wasn't doing anything to get me closer to my goal of being a sought-after, boutique PR agency. I loved how strategic and resource-driven Danait was during our work together. I felt like she had so many good ideas for the direction I wanted to take, and she was on top of the many moving parts of the process. 

I felt more confident go after visibility opportunities and have been able to attract more of my ideal clients. Before our work together, I had 10% BIPOC or LGBTQIA+, and now my client roster is comprised of 60% BIPOC or LGBTQIA+ authors and entrepreneurs. Danait is a strategic marketer than can bring your vision of what you want your brand to be to life.


cher hale, gingko pr

This work will impact my business and brand for years to come. Based on our work together, I've been able to make rapid changes across the brand.

My brand is much clearer now, and people are connecting with it in a way I've never experienced before, leading to growth across the board. All of which I expect will help support connecting with new people, and hopefully in the enrolment in upcoming masterminds. Plus, since we worked together, one of the content ideas that came out of our work together has been my highest performing pieces of content on Instagram ever. More comments, 2x the number of likes and shares than any other post. This was an amazing experience!


maggie patterson, small business boss

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over an oat milk latte

fun facts you'd learn about me

note card style

Favorite food combos

pizza & white wine

french fries & honey mustard sauce

What I share when asked for a fun fact

I was born in Asmara, Eritrea and English is my second language

favorite book genres

fantasy fiction

historical fiction

science fiction

tv shows i watch on repeat

New Girl

Golden Girls




What we're all about here


These are the things that drive my business and my work. These values are what drive the advice and strategies I recommend my clients and are also the driving force behind how I run my company. 


What drives me

I believe that generosity is the way  forward. I strive to be joyfully generous with my time, expertise, and finances. I also take 2% (minimum) of my yearly revenue and re-invest it back into causes I believe in and care about. 


I fiercely believe that work done with purpose is the kind of work that changes the world and makes an impact. This means that I don't subscribe to the notion that we always have to be on or making things for the sake of being "productive". I create when there is a meaningful end goal. 

purposeful work

Servant leadership is about being leaders who not only go first, but go first & do. It means that I lead by rolling up my sleeves and do the work I ask others to do. It means that lead by being of service first and foremost. 


I want people who come in contact with me to feel seen, heard, and understood. This happens when I lead with empathy first and always. 

lead with empathy

This means that I don't make rash decisions. I want to make every decision with intention because those decisions lead to actions & I want everything I do to be seeped in intention. 

intentional decisions

oh, and

one more thing

I value and honor ALL humans. I am committed to building a diverse, inclusive, anti-racist, and equitable company.

As a Christian, I believe that my calling is to love and serve all people regardless of race, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, or religion. My goal is always to make each and every person feel seen, heard, respected and able to be fully themselves when working with me.

When selecting brands to give to or software/tools,  I prioritize supporting those created by BIPOC, women, and marginalized peoples.

If you don't agree with any of the above statements, we probably aren't a great fit for each other. But, if this sounds in line with your values then we're made for each other friend! 

let's work together

Brand + Messaging Strategist. Pizza Enthusiast. On a mission to help entrepreneurs get heard through messaging that allows them to achieve next-level growth that allows for  options, freedom, wealth, and ultimately world-changing imapct


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